Yvonne Terrazas, R.N., Advanced Cosmetic Nurse Injector (ACNJ), National Allergan Trainer, and Proud Co-Owner/Founder of Higher Level Skin and Beauty.

Yvonne has been a nurse for fifteen years. She started as a Surgical & Recovery Nurse gaining 8 years of experience in that field. She then found her true passion and became an aesthetic nurse injector, and now has seven years and counting experience. Once she was an aesthetic nurse injector, Allergan saw Yvonne’s potential and dedication and offered her to become an Allergan national trainer. She has now trained and inspired many nurse injectors across the nation and helping them follow their dreams. Yvonne’s main goal is to keep making patients feel confident and beautiful one patient at a time.  Yvonne is a true example of “do what you love, and by doing what you love you inspire, and awaken the hearts of others”.

On Yvonne’s spare time she loves to travel, spend time with her 9-year-old son, and exceed in making everlasting memories with her friends and family.